E-Bike to the Future: Sales and Trends

Are electric bikes a trend or are they here to stay?

It is projected that by 2023, there will be 34 million electric bikes used in the metropolitan transportation landscape according to Navigant Reports. Hence, the efforts to swiftly shift to clean energy as well as renewable solutions effectively in order to satisfy the growing needs of urban mobility. As a result, these factors tend to accelerate the use and sale of e-bikes in the United States and beyond.

Annual E-Bike Sales by Region, Base Scenario, China and the Rest of the World (2014-2023)
Annual E-Bike Sales by Region, Base Scenario, China and the Rest of the World (2014-2023)

Is America behind the electric bike times?

In Europe and Asia Pacific, electric bikes are in fact widely used to preserve the ecological balance in the environment and to prevent more pollution produced by vehicle engines. Electric bikes also support the desire to resolve congestion resulting from growing urbanization. Furthermore, e-bikes, which are used in Western Europe and North America, are also an innovative trend particularly amongst younger riders. But the United States is far behind in ownership of electric bike systems. Despite this fact of effective implementation of electric bicycle transportation, it is the United States that paved the way with innovative e-bike patents beginning in the 1800’s. See our findings on electric bike patents filed with the USPTO that echo today.

United States E-Bike Sales
United States E-Bike Sales

What are the Current Trends with E-Bikes?

According to Navigant Research, electric bikes will continue to provide better transit options within these particular regions, Europe and North America. It is argued that this will occur more as people’s awareness increases of renewable energy so that the planet will be preserved for generations to come. One only needs to visit the smog of China and feel the sting in the lungs and on the skin to recognize the need for improved transportation. The e-bike buzz on many streets today are also due to e-bikes used by young kids in transit from one place to another such as from school to their homes.

Electric Bike Market Forecast
Electric Bike Market Forecast

According to Navigant Research headed by Dave Hurst, Chief Research Analyst, the streets in most cities in the United States are even worse than predicted decades ago. The streets are congested with heavy traffic not passable by vehicles. Electric bikes are perceived as a progressively more practical alternative in terms of urban mobility. The growing use of top quality and affordable lithium-ion batteries significantly contributes to the market trends when it comes to promoting electric bicycle models. With that, it is obviously seen that younger riders will use this alternative more frequently in Western Europe and North America. On the contrary today, 9 out of 10 e-bikes utilized are found in China, though they’re increasingly spreading westward to contemporary consumers that demand lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid batteries. The growing demand of responsible alternatives is helping the economic and ecological development of e-bike countries around the world.


More Electric Bikes, More Attention to Safer Ridership?

Increased ridership also increases safety regulations to protect e-bike riders in cities and other areas. Thus, this efficiently interposes concerns regarding the concurrent need for urban planning such as transit systems, lanes and lights particularly for electric bike riders as well as other innovative means of transportation. It’s essential to contribute to the mass production of smart transportation, smart utilities, smart energy and even smart industry in order to change the crowded traffic around the world.

In the United States, it will become ever more helpful for people to be taught about the importance of renewable energy for a cleaner and fresher environment not only for this generation’s inhabitants, but also for the future generations that will inherit the land. On that note, LEED is your reputable partner when it comes to buying quality and durable electric bikes in the US. For more details about the products and services offered, please visit our electric bike sites or contact us 866-933-8716.

4 thoughts on “E-Bike to the Future: Sales and Trends

  • July 4, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    I will not support any person, business, club, or organization that promotes or embraces any type of motor assisted bicycle or eBike. If this applies to you, know that I will fight you.

    Children are riding on popular motorized scooters, motorized bikes and carts that are gifts from family. People post social media pictures claiming cycling victories while on motor assisted bikes. Businesses proudly post pictures of a motor assisted bike sold to a person duped into believing it’s a real bicycle. Bicycle advocates proudly ride these bikes as if the technology will enhance the sport. Meanwhile, the motor assisted bicycle technology is becoming lighter, stronger, and cheaper. This is all wrong. Why have pedals at all? Why not allow golf carts on the bike lanes?

    If you ride a motor assisted bike, you cannot claim the enjoyment of actual cycling. You do not earn the right to see vistas unique to cycling like the Virginia Capital Trail or Pocahontas Park. You do not earn the right to feel the accomplishment of finishing long climb or a group ride. Driving to the top of a mountain is not the same as pushing yourself to the top of a mountain. You cannot fit in with those who practice, train and study this beautiful art of cycling. You might enjoy the social activities that surround cycling but you will never have the respect of a true cyclist.

    As a motor assisted bicycle owner, you’re a fake, you’re a fraud, you’re a doper and you’re a poser. If you ride a motor assisted bicycle, you have cheated. If you ride a bicycle, you either win or you have taken a step towards winning.

    Cycling is the sport of champions who can endure. All cyclists are champions. Wounded Warriors push hand cycles. Injured people rehab on bikes. People, who have never been active in their lives, change their lifestyle on a bicycle. Through pain and fear cyclists win with grit, endurance, determination, guts, luck and intelligence. Those who promote the motor assisted bicycle have convinced most of the cycling community that concessions should be made for cargo bikes, for child carriers and other copout excuses for when cycling becomes too difficult, too heavy, too slow, too tiresome and too inconvenient. I vow to argue against any excuse for using motor assisted bikes.

    If you offer the motor assisted bicycle as a cure, you have failed those who have trusted you. If you ride the motor assisted bike, you will destroy the hard advocacy work that built what cyclists enjoy today. If you encourage the use of motor assisted bikes, you are pushing for the bicycle to evolve away from human power. Your children will become fatter, lazier and dependent – like you. Opponents to cycling will argue that no new legislation is needed to promote a healthy lifestyle.

    Change your behavior. Until then, I will steer people away from you, your business, your club, your organization and your willingness to kill the sport of cycling.

    All motor assisted bicycles are mopeds. All motor assisted bicycles should have moped license plates. All mopeds and any motorized vehicles should be kept out of cycling routes and trails.

  • November 27, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    We’re not sure if you are Barny Slate from the Flinstones or the Grinch who stole Christmas. Regardless, you are an angry fellow living in the stone age. Please visit our other articles, particularly the articles about “cycling purists” and the numerous articles about people who call electric bike commuters “cheaters.” You will fit in better with that sentiment and understand yourself much more. We aim to improve the bicycle commuting experience and get people out of their cars. We also aim to educate the purists and help them understand. Thank you for helping us understand your perspective better, Thomas.

  • July 1, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Mike – You are both a jerk and an idiot. I am a disabled veteran and have found fun and freedom with my electric bike. Regardless of your motivation for buying a bike, anyone should be respected for the choice they make. Joe.

  • September 15, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    I don’t get the negativity from some cyclists… I love my ebike it’s so much fun and gets me out in the fresh air. Commuting is fun. I wake up happier.. If you don’t like them don’t get one.. Everybody is different.

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