LEED Li-Ion Battery Systems | 250 Series

Is this you?

Look no further. We have an electric bike battery for your e-bike. All LEED battery systems include a proprietary battery management system (BMS), protective casing, e-bike controller, 1050 denier ballistic cargo bag, and either Samsung or Panasonic li-ion high capacity cells.

250 Series Battery Systems
250 Series E-Bike Battery Systems

Our battery systems are designed for a utilitarian lifestyle to adapt to any bicycle. The battery is wrapped in a denier cargo bag that may be placed in various places on the bicycle and are specifically designed to fit inside our battery frame bags that may be purchased as an add-on to any of our kits.

30k Cargo Bag Removed
30k Cargo Bag Removed

The below labels located on each battery system identify the LEED battery. This may be found by opening the cargo bag and will be located on the top face of the battery system.

10k 10k+ 30k 30k+ PBJ ULTRA ULTRA+

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