Electric Bike Kit Parts: The Basic Necessities

What Electric Bike Kit Parts are Needed for a Basic Kit?


All of our kits come with this standard set of e-bike parts or can be added to each purchase:

  • Complete Wheel Set – Electric front wheel set that replaces the standard wheel on an existing bike. Options include color selection and wheel size. The wheels are laced and trued, and preassembled to include the 250 Watt 8Fun Planetary Motor Hub and Axle Release Pro quick release system.
  • Battery Pack – Our 250 Series e-bike kits vary depending on the battery capacity that you choose. Battery options include the basic Samsung 10k that’s rated for a distance of 10 miles, to the Panasonic Ultra+ 25.6 Ah pack that’s rated to last up to 50 miles. Comes with a matching wall charger.
  • Battery-Motor-Throttle Cable System – A cable kit that connects the battery on the bike frame to the motor on the wheel and the throttle on the handlebars. The cable system also includes a pressure grip throttle for activating the motor.
  • Extra electric bike parts: Aside from the standard e-bike parts, our kits include a weatherproof battery bag and cable zip ties for neatly securing the cables along the bike frame. All kits come with a 2-year Motor-to-Battery warranty. Visit our FAQ page to find answers to common questions about our electric bicycle parts.

One thought on “Electric Bike Kit Parts: The Basic Necessities

  • July 16, 2017 at 4:02 am

    Depends on what country you are from? There are several Chinese kits, that electrify pedal bikes. But it should go without saying that, the lower the cost, the probable lower quality of the item. A few friends have bought “bargain bikes” only to realise in later weeks/months, that the build quality is not up to much, the quoted range is wildly optimistic, the wiring looks like it was made by a 10 year old without adult supervision. Buy a well known reputable product, that has a development program and dealer network that little extra you pay out will reward you in the long run.

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