How Many Years will I get out of a LEED E-Bike Kit?

When purchasing products from the internet, it is common to feel a small amount of skepticism about the products. You don’t get to hold the product before you purchase! We don’t get to take you for a test drive and let you smell the new leather, feel the power, and let the wind flow through your hair.

We receive many questions from YOU about the quality of our products, our reputation, what kind of warranty we offer, and particularly the life-span of the products. We have volumes of information available to answer these questions on the blog. But perhaps the most vital source of confirmation lies in our customers themselves.

Our electric bike kit reviews provide incredible first-person documentation of exactly what you can expect when you purchase any of our e-bike kits. To see more examples of our customer testimonials, you can visit the reviews page on our website. ALL OUR REVIEWS ARE PUBLISHED!


I recently received more reviews of the 250 Series (250 Watt) E-Bike Kit that demonstrate the lasting quality which is still going strong years later. I wanted to share these reviews with our readers in hopes that it might help another who was on the tipping point whether or not to dive into the world of electric bikes or e-bike conversion kits, and whether or not they would be making a sound investment. Here are some recent electric bike kit reviews from LEED E-Bike Kit customers.

Are Leed e-bike kits durable? This is a question that many bike enthusiasts will ask before buying their first e-bike kit. I bought my first e-bike kit from Leed 2 years ago. It was a 40 mile kit with a 24 volt – 250 Watt 8fun motor on a 26 inch wheel powered by a Samsung lithium battery 20.8 Ah. I installed the kit on a 1971 Schwinn ‘typhoon”. It was easy to install this kit on the bike. I have put the kit on other bikes like the Trek Calypso and made it a shopping bike with a rear basket.



The fun begins when you start biking miles beyond your normal range of physical ability. This e-bike kit will allow people with RA (arthritis), or any physical limiting problems to begin biking the neighborhood and enjoy life. I have traveled everywhere with this bike, farmers markets, bike trails like the Hines Drive bike path from the Henry Ford Mansion to the city of Northville, MI. The I-275 bike trail goes for miles. I bike all seasons (when it is safe to do so.) After 3000 miles of e-biking, this 8fun motor and Samsung battery are going strong. I bought a second kit a year ago (Samsung 10K ebike kit) kit for my friends and family to share short rides on a sunny afternoon.



These e-bike kits are very durable and built to last a long time and (with proper battery care) and have paid for themselves by bringing me better physical fitness and life enjoyment. I am 66 years old, so that is important to me. So for anybody young or old I suggest you try a Leed e-bike kit and enjoy biking once again. I am also impressed with their customer service that is always there to help you and answer questions. They have a good product and stand behind it.   





Thank you, awesome customers! I had the opportunity to speak with John over the phone and I am happy to report that he has now purchased a third electric bike wheel from us, so that he can electrify yet another bike! We spoke a great deal about the Hines Drive Bike Trail, his local trail system in Michigan and what an amazing job the local municipalities have done creating enjoyable outdoor recreation opportunities as well as alternative transportation options. Local governments have done great work improving bike trails, particularly in converting unused railway lines into beautiful bike paths over the last few decades.

With a life span of more than 1,500 charges on both our Samsung and Panasonic electric bike battery systems, I estimate that John has only used around 75-100 of the available charge cycles or less than 7.5% to achieve his impressive 3,000 miles of travel. (estimating 35-40 miles per charge). He hasn’t even BEGUN to utilize the full potential of his Leed E-Bike Kit. Keep riding John! And happy trails to you!


3 thoughts on “How Many Years will I get out of a LEED E-Bike Kit?

  • March 27, 2017 at 9:12 pm

    Bought a Leed 500 kit a year ago and loved it. When II stored the Battery for the winter I charged it every month, but when I did my charge before putting it on the Bike it was dead. I called Leed and was told to send the battery to them. The Tech called me and confirmed that the Battery was no good, and that they could not find when I bought it from them I read him the number from my credit card receipt . He then told me they could not find my warranty card . I had sent it in. The battery was not a year old. Since then I have talked to a Lady at Leed that told me I will need to buy a new battery about $ 500

  • April 17, 2017 at 9:54 am

    Never knew this bike would be so much fun to own. I personally think that the LEED E-bike kit is ideal for people who wants casual biking and the bike’s power will depend on what battery is being used. Truly an informative article! Great!

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