Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with an E-Bike Kit

Long commutes to work are a waking nightmare that most working, car-owning urbanites suffer with few viable alternatives. Public transport may alleviate some of the symptoms, but comes with its own set of problems—you’re entirely reliant on what’s usually a shoddy and underfunded bus or train system to get to work on time and the money you save on gas tends to get eaten up by time wasted and skyrocketing fares. Not to mention the carbon footprint these daily commutes leave, a cruel process through which people are forced to deplete the air quality of the place they live just to be able to get to work.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With LEED’s ingenious e-bike kit, commuters are provided the solution to nearly all their commute-related problems!

benefits commuting with an electric bike

How to Become an E-Bike Commuter

Our goal at LEED Electric Bike is fairly straightforward: to provide commuters the most economical way to convert their existing bicycle into an eco-friendly electric bike. With any of our e-bike kits, riders can glide to work using whatever combination of peddling and electric motor they need. Every LEED electric bike kit is easy to install and comes with a Samsung or Panasonic Li-ion battery system that can power your eco-friendly converted bike anywhere from four to 50 miles.

That’s the real beauty of being an e-bike commuter—an electric bike gives you the freedom to dictate how you want to ride. If that last hill before work feels too daunting to pedal up on a Monday morning, you can engage the 250 or 500 watt motor to cruise your way up. If you’re up for a challenge to start your weekend right on a Friday afternoon, you can turn off the motor and pedal to your heart’s content.

The Benefits of Green Travel

The benefits of riding your bike to work are plentiful. The exercise you gain on a daily basis, the money you save on gas, and the freedom you feel as you leave the clogged lanes of the freeway behind make the benefits of green travel undeniable even before you get to how it positively affects the ecosystem.

By using one of LEED’s conversion kits, you’re well on your way to helping the environment. In commuting less frequently by car, bus, or train, you are reducing a carbon footprint and contributing less to the poor air quality in your region. With our conversion kits, your e-bike can reduce your carbon emissions and reduce air contamination.

Make your commute can be a breeze with our e-bike kit. You’ll have no need to worry about tiring yourself out before your work day, arriving late, or getting stuck in traffic—all with the added bonus of not contributing to pollution.

Ed mountain bikes on his #tandemebike with his cute wife Debbie. Ed says, "had a great Sunday tandem ride with Debbie, I think we know every turn, rock and sandy section from Wheeler Creek to Green Pond." #leedbicyclesolutions #leedebikekits #leedebike #leed #ebike #ebikes #ebikekit #commutebybike #gogreen #tandem #tandembike #tandemebike #8fun #250watt
Ed mountain bikes on his #tandemebike with his cute wife Debbie. Ed says, “had a great Sunday tandem ride with Debbie, I think we know every turn, rock and sandy section from Wheeler Creek to Green Pond.”
#leedbicyclesolutions #leedebikekits #leedebike #leed #ebike #ebikes #ebikekit #commutebybike #gogreen #tandem #tandembike #tandemebike #8fun #250watt

Custom Fit

LEED Electric Bikes provides customers with two different e-bike kits customized to fit their commuting needs: the 250 Series and the 500 Series. The 250 Series includes a 250 Watt 8FUN Geared Motor, a Grip-and-Go Throttle System, a 24 Volt Li-ion Battery System and a Li-ion Battery Charger. With an installation time of less than five minutes, the 250 Series is for e-bike beginners or those looking to retain the feel of riding a bike with the added boost of an electric motor.

The 500 Series includes a 500 Watt 8FUN Geared Motor, as well as everything the 250 Series does. The series also features a Pedal Assist Sensor, LCD Computer System, and Torque Arm. This conversion kit, which allows the rider to monitor their speed, distance and battery power, is ideal for riders who want to give their bike the feel and power of an electric scooter.

For more information, check out our extensive FAQ page, and contact us if you have any unanswered questions. Join the movement with LEED Electric Bikes, and become an e-bike commuter today.