1000 Mile Panasonic E-Bike Kit Conversion

Customer Review – Jerry P.
1000 miles and still going, works great both on our mountain bike and now on our tandem bike!
I purchased the 50k ultra panasonic e-bike kit. I tested the range at home and it had every bit of the 50 mile range on a single person mountain bike with my 170 pounds on it. I made three test runs of over 50 mile distances, even once on consecutive days. It worked great! One thing nice about this battery it retains full performance to the end of its range. At that point, all at once there is a significant drop in performance to let you know you should stop using the battery to keep from totally draining it which is not good for the battery.

I recharged the battery fully after each run. However, it took longer than expected to get full charge indicated by green light. Also charger gets very hot. Mandy, my contact at Leed was very helpful in totally answering all my questions before and after purchase, in addition to helping me solve this problem. E-biking made me want to fulfill my childhood dream of riding 197 miles to my father’s property in northern Wisconsin.

I decided to buy 30k battery for extra distance per day on my trip. I did not get to use the 30k until the trip because it arrived the day before I left. My first day using the 30k battery it got hot and stopped working at 8 miles. Next day I got 15 miles on it before got hot and stopped working altogether. Finally the 3rd day the battery worked a full 24 miles as it was supposed to and did not get hot but I had to “baby” it, using it only for short periods of time and turning the switch off in between uses.

I called Mandy about the bad battery and because my ultra battery worked fine we eliminated my wheel or cable as the problem. I sent the 30k battery back, they tested it, and determine that it was bad by riding around with it to recreate the problem. I want that job!

I was told I would be sent a new replacement. Instead I decided to pay for and upgrade to get another ultra.

I have since moved the wheel to our one-speed, 1970’s Schwinn Tandem bike. On that heavy bike with baskets in back, 170# me, and 130# wife our ultra battery has a range of well over 30 miles. This allows us to remain seated and pedal up hills instead of having to walk the bike and keeps us going 13-16 mph on flat terrain. Of course we still pedal but now we can take longer rides.

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