250 Ultra Townie Electric Bike

250 Ultra-40 Mile Kit on My Townie

After weeks of research and talking with several e-bikers, I decided to go with the 250 E-Bikerig-Kit. I considered an Ezee Bike and a couple other types of E-bikes. I settled for a kit because of my investment and comfort with my Townie that I have had for several years. Initially I had some difficulty with some damage to the battery or battery connections. The staff at e-bikerig immediately sent a replacement that arrived in three days – great customer service!! 

As they have advertised, this kit is very simple and easy to install. Being a fussy person I took my time (about 1 hour) installing all the components. [I could easily have completed this installation in a much shorter time however. Once assembled and my first test run everything went as advertised – couldn’t have been more pleased.
One thing that I did not realize is that when you engage the electric motor it is all or nothing. (I test drove some e-bikes that had accelerator type controls, that is, you could control the speed to the bike.) Maybe I will get use to the push button that this kit comes with but now I would have preferred an option such as an “on-off” toggle switch which in my case would be more convenient. I suspect that I will be looking for such a switch. Understand that this is in no way a “deal breaker”.
I would highly recommend this kit to anyone who has a good bike that they don’t want to part with.
Great product – great service!!

CR 55