250W E-Bike Kit Motor and Battery World

Kept promises

This kit was my first step into the e-bike world (I am on my 2nd day as an e-bike owner). I live in cold (and steep) conditions which makes it less attractive to use bicycles. However, with this addition, commuting to work on my bike goes like a breeze. I am not saying that the 250W motor does all the job – if the roads are a bit steep, you have to put in muscle effort – for the most part without a sweat. On flat road the bike will go up to 25 km/h without assistance. With small inclination in steepness it drops to 20 km/h (uphill) or goes up to 30-35 km/h (downhill). 

If you want the bike to do all the work and climb steep roads without pedaling this is not the right kit. For that I would guess you need to turn to motors with more power, something around maybe 500-1000W. However in many parts this is considered a moped – which for instance would make you 100% personally responsible in a crash (without insurance).

If you are looking for a kit that will help you get faster from A to B, without making a sweat, this will do the job. With the Ultra+ Battery the range should be better than most other standard e-bikes. This aspect remains to be tested on my part as I am only on my 2nd day – and haven’t charged the battery more than one hour before I started my effortless-pedaling-life!

Hope this was helpful. Good luck.

CR 28