700c wheel e-bike conversion kit motor

Sending wrong size wheel

Before I ordered a front wheel I asked if a 27.5 wheel would accept the tires and tubes from my bike. I was told that it would work. So I placed my order. However, when my order arrived I saw the mistake. I ordered a 27.5 wheel and received a 26 size. When I called all I could get was a size 700c wheel. So in order to use it I had to order a tire.

Now I still have not even tried to see if the wheel will fit properly. So much for advertising a product and not supplying the product. As I stated in the original conversation, I am retired and have been a bicyclist for at least 50 years and the only reason I need the front wheel is for going up hills when my trailer is full of groceries.

Hi, Stephen. We have reached out a number of times to resolve the wheel size and have not heard from you for a while. Please note the most recent email and a voicemail if you have not yet seen them. We have not heard back from you and wish to help.

At the time you ordered, you requested a custom 27.5 inch wheel which we customized for you at no extra charge. According to a follow-up email you then requested a 700c wheel instead stating that the 27.5 inch wheel was not actually the correct size for your bicycle. Please ensure that you are not measuring the rim but actually the rim and tires together. If you need further help with this, please contact us for support.

Even though you ordered the wrong wheel size originally, we paid for the return shipping of the 27.5 inch wheel as well as the shipping for the 700c wheel per your request in order to accommodate you and get you riding quickly.

We want all our customers to be happy with our service and product. We are eager to resolve the issue and want to ensure that you are satisfied. Please let us know the status so that we can help you. Thank you, Stephen! – Mandy Wallace

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