8FUN Motor E-Bike Hub and Loctite

Great spokes & service

I ordered these to go with an 8Fun hub also from Leeds [electric bike kit]. The communication was excellent and the shipping was fast, within a week. Much better than “the competition” I had used in the past. The spokes are as advertised, 13g s/s with an extra spoke/nipple as well, something else “the competition” didn’t supply. Also the Leeds spokes came with blue loctite on the threads, a nice touch. 

The spokes fit my alex dm18 rim perfect, no excess threads on either end. After 6 weeks of regular riding the wheel is still true, but that’s also a factor of my experience doing that i guess.

5 stars, will buy from Leeds again, they are now my source for quality US ebike parts with no hassle or drama. Good honest service, thanks

CR 48