British Columbia Electric Bike Kit

Exactly What I wanted and expected.
I was looking for something that would help me up some of the steeper hills around here (Southern B.C.) and allow me to do some of the loops that quite frankly would be too much for me without a bit of help: 30 km and more. I’m 71 and have heart disease. I bought one of the smallest batteries because I didn’t want to be tempted to rely too much on the motor. This is just right. It adds a minimum amount of weight to my commuter bike and helps me up the steepest hills just as I had hoped. I have done several 20 km + rides with it and using it only for occasional assist I haven’t even come close to discharging the battery. Longest re-charge time so far under 2 hours. The new wheel fit right out of the box and installation was a breeze.
CR 68