commuter electric bike kit e-bike conversion

Product is good- but …
The added motor has made my commute much more enjoyable. I have >10 miles to work and I did not appreciate getting there all sweaty and tired. The 250 W motor gives me just enough boost to get to work fast (only ten minutes longer than by car) and with mild exertion. I can also use the bike still for traditional use without engine, especially when I take off the heavy battery. As for components, the things I dislike so far are the throttle switch (it cramps my fingers after a while to keep it depressed) and the supplied battery bag. The buckles are so bad that two of them slipped and one broke on my very first ride. The bag almost came loose and caused me to crash. My solution will likely be to buy the waterproof frame bag. It will stay on tightly (I hope) and store some of the extra cable- the cable is way too long when you install the battery on your frame and I keep the extra rolled up, which does not look good. Another beef I had was the time it took to get all needed components- almost four weeks. First came the wheel (much later than advertised), then a few days later the battery and then I had to order the extra thick torque washers because of the dimensions of my fork. I have four bikes in my garage that the wheel should fit on and NOT ONE had a fork that fit without modifications- so much for the advertised fitting to 95% of all bikes in 5 minutes. I think LEED should ship the extra thick washers standard with every wheel it sends out. Then I had to do quite a bit of filing to get widen the groove on the fork that the wheel hub sits in. In the end it was an ordeal to get running and I was not happy with all the delays. Now that the bike runs smoothly, I am a much happier customer (apart from that issue of the awful buckles on the battery bag that still bugs me).
Hi, Ulrich. Thank you for the feedback. We are so sorry that shipping took so long to get you your kit. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround and we failed you! We will send you more buckles immediately for your frame bag. Were the buckles defective or is it possible they were buckled incorrectly on the frame? If you purchase the frame bag, please remember to use your discount code you received in the mail. I am also curious about the fitting issue of the torque washers. Did you insert the regular washers between the motor and the fork? Could that have fixed the issue because it is so unusual to have an issue with not just one bicycle but four? – Mandy Wallace
CR 97