convert your old bike to ebike

Easiest way to convert your bike into eBike!
First, I want to say the installation for both front and rear was simple (once I figured out that I had to switch a torque washer to the outside of the fork than on the inside for the rear motor hub…. Yes, I’m running two motors on one bike.

Now on to the frame bag….

The Leed frame bag does what it’s supposed to do and that is to keep the battery and the cable tucked into it. 

The Velcro straps do a good job of keeping the bag in place securely on the frame. The material is thin and will wear a hole on the bottom if you have your bag resting on the frame like I’m doing with mine. I remedied the problem by placing a piece of foam under the battery.

Overall, I’m happy with the performance of the 8Fun motors, smooth and gives that bit of boost when it’s needed. The frame bag can use some material on the bottom to prevent a hole from wearing through on the thin fabric…. As far as it being waterproof, I can’t offer anything because Northern California is in a drought.

I’m glad you like the 8Fun motors as much as we do! Their performance is incredible for such a small size and their endurance is remarkable. You are one of the few to convert both wheels front and rear to electric. We would love to see a photo of the bike! Please send one to us by email or tag us with a photo on instagram #ebikecommuter. Hopefully the drought ends soon. Thanks for sharing, Sir! – Mandy Wallace

CR 83