DIY electric bike kit 10k Panasonic

Happy with 10+k 250 series , works great
I got the kit installed. I had some confusion about the sequence of washer placement but got it solved with a reply from my email question. Just an FYI, I keep my bike in the basement where I can work on it. Stupidly, I turned the switch on and then attempted to get the bike out the basement door. Due to the placement of the throttle switch on the grip, I squeezed the grip and the throttle switch to maneuver the bike out the door and the bike shot out away from me causing me to trip over the bike. The bike seems to be OK but my knee got a little banged up in the fall along with my forehead and nose. I am telling you this so you could keep other people from doing something stupid like I did. Maybe a disclaimer to not turn on the switch until you are ready to ride.
CR 36