Electric Bike Kit – Doctor Recommended

Customer Review – Dave B.
Just what the doctor ordered.

I am 66 years and my doctor suggested that I get more exercise. A few years ago I took up biking. As much as I enjoy it, my knees often hurt when pedaling up steep hills. I looked for something that I could use as an aid when hill climbing. My local bike shop wanted to sell me a $2,500.00 bike with a complicated electric motor system. It had an on board computer that would sense when I need motor assistance and turn on the motor. I told them it was my knees that needed assistance and that my brain still functioned well enough for me to know when I needed some help. All I wanted was a motor, a battery and a push button. They couldn’t help so I got online and found this product. It sounded and turned out to be perfect for my requirements. I still get plenty of exercise and now can bike trails that I’ve avoided the last couple of years.

I even managed to do the 5 minute installation in just a little less than an hour. It took me about 20 minutes to change the tire from the old rim to the new one and then I had to adjust the front breaks. I purchased a second kit for as a gift for a friend and she loves it as well.

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