electric bike kit nirve chopper

10K E Bike Kit (Nirve Chopper Bike)

I would have rated the kit a 5 stars opposed to 4 stars but I am not able to use my front disk brake with this kit. Nirve, (the manufacturer of my bike) installs the front disk brake on the right side of the wheel on their chopper models. Left side for regular models. E-bike kits are built for a left side disk brake configuration.

I was not planning on removing my disk brake configuration to accomodate the e-bike set-up but I wanted to make the e-bike wheel work. My rear coaster brake will be handling all the braking duties. Another reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is that I can only get 3 miles out of a charge with this battery. Disappointing. I am upgrading to a 30K battery and expecting to get at least 10 miles per charge.
I have suggested to the folks a E-bike that they state in their descriptions that the disk brake option will only work on a left hand configuration.

CR 90