fast 250 watt e-bike conversion kit

Leed 10K E-bike kit, Excellent buy.

After researching Ebike kits for a month, I decided to purchase the Leed 10K 250 series kit, finding that it was the best 250 watt E-bike kit overall. I was surprised that the 250 watt hub motor had the power to haul my 290 lbs plus my trike to 10 mph. There was a small problem with installation due to my fork tube diameter, but the staff at Leed solved the problem, and sent the part to fix it the same day. I have put over 50 mi. on the kit so far, and it has performed quite well. Support has been Excellent, delivery was fast, and overall the kit is well designed with quality components. The two year warranty was a deciding factor as the other kits I researched only had a 1 year standard warranty, and they did not cover all parts.. If your looking for a good, solid, well designed 250 watt conversion kit, Leed is an excellent choice. 

MD, Yuma, AZ

CR 54