Front Wheel EBike Kit Conversion

Great upgrade to my Asama Luddite 700c road bike. The package arrived in a week after ordering. The laced motor hub was nicely packed. It was sufficiently trued but I trued one section a tiny bit more to make the wheel perfectly true.I have an old battery that I use in my e-tandem bike that I now use with my new road e-bike. Thanks LEED e-bike kits! Thanks Mandy for the chat!

Hi, Allen! I’m glad you were able to true the wheel a little better. Sometimes the wheel gets banged around a little in the shipping process and it can knock the wheel out of a perfect true just enough for a pro to notice. We’ll include you in our list of “pros”. We are glad you are using the kit on two bikes now. Keep us up to speed on your rides and always ride safe. Thanks, Allen! – Mandy Wallace

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