Front Wheel Installed 30k EBike Kit

Big Help!

30k kit on a Ghost 1300 cross with 700x40C tires. The front wheel installed without a problem with the battery on the back rack. My commute is 32k round trip with lots of hills and bridges. The battery had no problem doing the full trip on one charge but the charger is light enough to pack with me. I have to pedal but it sure helps up the hills an

d increases speed greatly on the level parts. My time is not much slower than using my car and if there’s an accident on a bridge, the bike is much quicker. It’s still exercise, but I don’t need a shower when I get to work. It’s also nice leaving the spadex guys wondering how an old guy on a Pee Wee Herman bike can pass them.

Ordering and shipping went fine as well.

Dave H. North Vancouver BC

CR 29