hill climber fast e-bike conversion kit

A solid buy

I am 175, plus my bike TOTAL Weight: around 200 Installation: Simple. 5 minutes to get it up and running. My USAGE: I’ve had the 30k conversion kit for 3 months. This has been my method of transportation to work and school. I will use my bike 6-7 times a week typically ranging around 16.9 miles (google maps and a phone app that tracks distance) a day. 

*I use the kit more as a petal assist to keep my average speed around 14-18 MPH.*
Without pedaling I get: 14-17 mph on flat ground with low wind 17.. High winds (WIND: 12-20 mph) around 14 mph 6-10 mph hills moderate in steepness.. Wind will slow you down more. 

Pedal assist method: you’ll get 20 miles if you use the kit the entire time you bike.
button only: 12-15 miles depending on conditions (hills, wind, terrain).

Climb POWER:
If you have moderate hills, you’ll be good to go. Anything more, you’ll need to help it out.

This kit gets the job done. If you pedal along with this kit you will be fine. When I refer to pedaling, I mean a light (minimal effort) pedaling. My comparison would be this: before this kit my typical effort input going to and from work/school (the 16 mile commute) would be about 8-9 (out of 10). With this kit however, my effort input would be about 4-5 (out of 10). The 5 would be if I want to get places faster. This Is worth the money and I recommend it to my friends so they can keep up with me.
I plan on upgrading after next years tax return

-When charging: make sure the switch is OFF! (this is specified in the instructions, so read them.. I learned the hard way)
-The spokes have an odd gauge. I alternated between 11,12, and 13. I had to improvise on 2 of them to get the tire re-aligned.
-The battery bag is starting to open up where the wires come out, so be ready to do some sewing.

CR 93