overall great rear wheel ebike conversion kit

Overall – Great kit

I am very impressed with the motor. When hooked up to a 20″ rearwheel, this tiny motor becomes a torque machine. As usual with everything else in this world, this kit too comes with pros and cons: Pros: 1) Ease of installation. Barely any ugly cables or wires hanging out. EBike coversion can’t get anymore simpler than this kit. Simply plug and Play! 

2) Very efficient motor. At 24 volts, it will get you what you need. I dont ride my bike over 15 miles, so i dont expect this motor to ride faster. It’s perfect for my needs.
3) Light weight and compact.
4) Great support and service from Leed customer service.

1) The tire that came with it was very inferior. I trashed it immediately and purchased a Schwalbe instead, so in a way my $30 was wasted for nothing. (I had requested a puncture proof tire to be installed, but Leed did not care much about my special request)
2) The wheel was not completely true. It wobbled a bit, but I was able to fix it.
3) The batteries are quite pricey compared to competitors.

Other than this, I am absolutely enjoying this eBike kit. It makes life so much better.

Thank you Leed.

CR 86