pedal power electric bike conversion kit

Added power when you need it! Just keep pedaling! Keep expectations low!

This is a well built kit. It offers reliability a great range and helps with hills, and the wind. I have had the kit for about a half of a year now and it has grown on me. I use it daily on my commute and average around 90 to 120 miles a week. I have not noticed a change in power or performance. My only issues with the kit were the lack of instructions on the power switch, battery charge level on arrival, and I had to modify my install with additional washers. The instructions mentions this, but for the cost. The kit should come with added hardware and zip ties too, or Velcro straps for setup. This company did just send out an email regarding a new washer they now offer. Weather its free or not I have no idea. It should be! So should a waterproof bag to cover the product.

Thank you for the feedback, Max. We are glad to hear that you are getting great range with the kit and continue to add miles to your commute. We agree with your assessment of not providing instructions in regards to the power switch. We will make that change in our future orders. We will also include more zip ties in our orders. That has been an oversight and we appreciate you letting us know. As for the washers, we would include them in every order if they were not so expensive for us to make. We have each one custom made and we offer them for $10. Only a handful of customers have needed them to expand the distance on the fork. Let us know if you need one and we will get you taken care of. Also, we offer several options for weatherproofing your battery system. Please check out our “bags and baskets” tab and see what we have available for you. Thank you, Max! -Mandy Wallace

CR 95