pumping assist electric bike kit

Great “PA” system
Works great. I’m almost 69 and now have a reason to get out of the house. As we age we need to keep moving. At least that is what my doctor tells me. What better way than to do what we used to do in our youth. Some who see my bike don’t know what it is until you push the button and show them what it does. Some call it cheating. I say they don’t now what they are talking about. This is my “PA” (pumping assistant). Although you have power while climbing up hills you still need to pump which is good as after all this is exercise but is really like having someone helping you with the hill you are confronting. The reward is going down the hill and getting out of the house and moving which automatically stretches things and beneficial for your health and mobility. This is a great product. At my age and the problems that I have with my knees as well as other issues, I need the help. Thank you for this wonderful product.
CR 64