Raleigh electric bike conversion kit

Works as advertised
Installed this on my wife’s Kona. Had to file the fork slots about a mm to make the axle fit. I liked the fact that as soon as I went to the FAQ page, Leeds opened a chat session with me. The conversion works pretty well, but not as well as my purpose-built Raleigh Misceo. On really steep hills, the wheel will stall out. Also, holding down the button for a long time can be tiresome. My wife has difficulty holding down the button and shifting gears. Overall, however, worth the investment.
Thank you for the review, Stan. The 250 Series kit is fantastic for all terrain and as you found on a really steep hills 250 Watts is not always enough. We recommend the 500 Series kit found at www.ebikemybike.com for the really really steep stuff. Thanks, Stan! – Mandy Wallace
CR 82