Rear Wheel Electric Bike Kit – Like the Hill Topper

Customer Review – Robert K.

This is essentially the same motor as the leed front-hub motor or the Clean-Republic hill topper (also fwd), except that it is wound for a 16″ wheel (higher rpm) and wired for the rear. It is on a Bike Friday (Saturday recumbent) and runs like a charm. I already had a switch and 250-W controller, but I had to buy a rim, spokes, and free-wheel, and have it laced locally, as leed no longer sells the wheel fully-assembled [WE ACTUALLY DO OFFER A FULLY ASSEMBLED E-BIKE CONVERSION WHEEL]. Also, as to the free-wheel, the new assembly is replacing an 8-speed cassette with a 3-speed hub. Leed’s info said that I would have to replace the cassette with a 7-speed free-wheel (the only type that will mount onto the motor), but DNP now makes an-8-speed free-wheel (the Epoch) that has the same cog spacing as the old cassette, so I didn’t have to replace the old shifter, neat. One added pleasant surprise: the motor only weighs 2-3 pounds more that the old 3-speed hub. All-in-all this is a good value.

Customer Review 5