Sensorless 8Fun Rear Motor E-Bike Kit

Great hub motor and service

I bought this hub to install on a mountain bike. It laced up great with the Leed spoke kit to an alex dm18 rim. We have been using it regularly for over a month with no problems. I’m sure it will exceed the 2-year warranty period just fine. Leed is the only place I have found offering the 8fun rear option sensorless. Meaning it has no Hall sensors inside which can fail and just add complexity. It requires a sensorless controller which is what Leeds sells and the system is excellent all around, smooth, simple, reliable. 

I also like the Leed connector which seems failsafe. A big barrel connector with a screw-on cap. Other hub motors have small plugs or tiny crimped wires that can come loose and cause erratic operation. The Leeds plug is bullet proof.

The Leed parts are compatible with my old Hilltopper but I have found Leeds a much better company, having many more options, much faster shipping, and more detailed information on the site. Also if you contact Leeds you get an honest, knowledgeable person who actually helps you out. “The competition” just blows smoke and fluff and I am sticking with Leeds from now on.

The only issue I see is the picture in the ad shows a front hub with no freewheel threads. I emailed tech support before buying and they answered my question right away but it might be easier for others if the picture is updated. Otherwise 5 stars and I hope Leeds keeps this rear 8fun option available for a long time as I will probably be building more.