Tailwinds with leed e-bike kit conversion

Ultra+ E-Bike 250 Kit.
Kit as a great success for my wives 61 birthday – loves cycling more than ever now. She can keep up with me, so the two of us now experience a great workout. Battery switch was defective, but LEED staff expressed a new one – simple fix. Installation was simple, I had file our fork per instructions – also simple fix. Motor is quiet, overall kit exceeds our expectation. Would give five stars if not for battery switch issues – should of been picked-up by LEED staff. Please note, LEED staff was very apologetic, and reactive to our situations. Tailwinds…
We are so sorry that you had to switch out the battery. That is terrible to receive a battery that had an issue when you were ready to start riding immediately. Thanks for letting us fix it, but we would not have held it against you if you had given us a single star review because of the error. You are too forgiving. We feel we have the greatest customers on earth! Ride safe and try to give your wife a run for her money on the bike! 🙂 – Mandy Wallace
CR 84