utilitarian electric bike kit

ditched my car
As a retired professional now running a small farm for income I decided to replace the expense of a car with the 40 mile e-bike kit.It has enough power to get me up hills here in central PA with me pedaling in first gear to keep it going. I expected a little more power on hills, but it does allow me to pedal up without strain or having to stop and walk. My only problem was missing the correct placement of the large lock washers on the inside of the forks. After filing the fork openings to fit the new axle as instructions said I might, I put the small split lock washers on the inside instead, and the wheel rotated such that the wire coming from the motor was immediately partially severed by the fork resulting in a panicked call to customer support. I had to open the motor plate and reattach the blue wire and tape it with electrical tape. The video is a silent one, and I think a warning is needed in the written instructions. I almost ruined my motor before getting to ride the bike. It also took two calls to support to explain clearly what I was doing wrong because two kinds of washers included are both called lock washers. I must say support was very patient and supportive with a not so mechanically inclined customer. My frustration quickly vanished after getting it right and hitting the road. The product itself is great, but more instruction is needed for dummies like me who may take hours to do the 5 minute installation, or may even sever the motor wire at the worst possible spot.
We are happy that you chose us to help move you forward with the new lifestyle. You recommendation to add the warning is a good one that we will include soon. We have never had this happen before, but that doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t experienced it and they just didn’t let us know. Thanks for the feedback and let us know down the road how your biking has helped you ditch the auto. We would also love to see a picture of your conversion! – Mandy Wallace
CR 81